Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Attack on the 2nd Amendment?

I heard last week on a local talk radio show that a bill was introduced that would do some serious damage to the rights to own firearms without the government interfering. I researched the bill (HR-45) because I didn't think it could be as bad as the caller said. I was wrong...it is worse. I try not to be an alarmist but the bill is scary. I imagine that this type of bill is the worst nightmare of the NRA and people interested in maintaining the rights afforded us in the U.S. Constitution and The Bill of Rights.

After reading the bill, the worst parts of this bill, so far as I can determine them to be, are:
1. The Atty General is in complete control of the law, enforcement of the proposed law and changes that can be made at his discretion.
2. EVERY firearm (other than shotguns and antique collectibles) must be registered with the U.S. Govt. That means hunting rifles, target rifles like .22LR and every handgun regardless of caliber or capacity.
3. ANYONE wishing to own a firearm must have a Federal License. The application process would include providing the following to the U.S. Atty General:
A. a "passport size" photo of yourself,
B. finger prints,
C. physical address,
D. proof that the firearm will be stored "safely" (which is to be understood as unloaded) out of reach or accessibility from anyone unlicensed and not 18 years of age,
E. passing a written firearm exam,
F. Authorization for the U.S. Govt to obtain any medical records pertaining to psychological treatment or evaluations.
4. A yearly fee of $25 will be charged (expect that to increase drastically over time)
5. Private sales of firearms (which means I sell my weapon to you without governmental paperwork) is a thing of the past. Each sale will be required to go through a federally licensed dealer which will charge a fee for their role in assuring that the weapons can be traced to individuals instantly.
6. The Govt will require that information be obtained on each weapon and each individual holding a license. The info includes how many firearms are registered to individuals, who the individual purchases weapons from and the serial number of each firearm.
7. It is UNLAWFUL if you have a firearm lost or stolen and you do not report the loss or theft to the Federal Govt within 72 hours.
8. It is UNLAWFUL if you fail to report any change in address to the Federal Govt within 60 days of the move.
9. Failure to comply with any aspect of this Bill can result in a monetary fine and between TWO and TEN YEARS in prison (depending upon the severity of the infraction)
10. To assure compliance with this proposed law THE FEDERAL GOVT HAS A RIGHT TO ENTER ANY BUSINESS OR RESIDENCE THAT MANUFACTURES, STORES, SELLS, DISTRIBUTES, HOLDS FIREARMS OR FIREARM RELATED ITEMS (which means parts, ammunition, operator's manuals, etc)
11. Yearly the Atty General is to make a public report available regarding the activities of this bill. I'm not sure if this means info regarding every person who owns firearms will be made public or if it will be less specific information.

The Dem controlled Congress can pass this thing without significant Rep support and Obama will sign it since he is unashamedly against guns and private citizens owning guns. It will be interesting to follow this bill and see how it may be dropped only so they can let it piggy back some other bill and be secretively hidden in 400-500 pages of some other less-controversial bill.

It seems strange to me that humans can enter this country illegally, maintain jobs and residences, utilize our healthcare system for free, receive money and food through government entitlement programs and in some places even cast a vote with less documentation, proof of identity and residence, testing and governmental regulation than a hunting rifle can be manufactured, purchased or owned.

Should this thing pass it is the beginning of the end of civil liberties for us as we know them. By the way, I can't determine if that subtle humming sound is our Founding Fathers literally spinning in their graves or our liberty being sucked out of our lives...but it is probably both.

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