Monday, July 6, 2009

Ready To Roll Again

I haven't been blogging for several weeks now. I have started to a few times and either my hectic schedule and/or the lack of having anything interesting or important to write have seemed prohibitive. I think it is time to write again and I think it is only fitting to begin with blogging about time, schedules and "being busy".

Several years ago I read a book by Dr. Richard Swenson titled, The Overload Syndrome. In this book, Dr. Swenson outlines how life can become unmanageable and out of control even under the best circumstances. He uses his own life as an example of how someone can be exactly where they have always wanted to be in their career, marriage, parenting, church and social lives...yet something is just not right.

Apparently the key to not falling victim to the Overload Syndrome is to create margins in life. Simply put, don't fill up every moment of every day with commitments, promises and plans. Leave room for rest, recreation, down time, contemplation, prayer, reading...anything that can be a respite from the raging river of our hectic, out of control lives.

After discussing my thoughts with several close friends and family members I have come to the conclusion that most of us have the most excruciating expectations placed on us by ourselves. I know that even my harshest critics or the most demanding people in my life don't hold a candle to the ways in which I critique myself and demand the most of the things I attempt to do in life.

I am attempting again to create margins and attempt to give myself a break when it comes to over-scheduling my time and my energy. I am hopeful that the margins will open up some time for me to relax and do the things in life I am called to do and created to do...not to mention the things in life that are simple and fun.


Brook and Meredith said...

yea! i love margins. come join the world of rest, fun, and relaxation with your wiffy and 3 handsome boys.

Brook and Meredith said...

oh, and meredith. she loves life. :)