Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Crabs and Barnacles

I haven't typed anything...on here anyway, for several days now. Most people don't write because they have nothing to say. My most recent writing drought is because I have had too much to say. Thoughts have been flooding my mind at an alarming rate. The flooding aspect isn't new but when these thoughts seem to conflict with the other thoughts fighting for space in my brain it can all get a little weird and confusing.

Did you know that crabs avoid barnacles...and I don't mean that crabs kind of hope that they don't get barnacles...this is serious. It seems that barnacles absolutely love to eat the testes of crabs. Since the crabs tend to want to keep all of their 2000 parts they avoid barnacles and I can't say that I blame them. So what does that have to do with internal conflict? Glad you asked...

It seems that internal conflict for me often stems from the underlying issue of control and control is something that seems to stem from an underlying issue of trust. And who to trust? I am sure that at some point in history a crab thought the barnacle looked rather harmless, small and innocent so why not let the little guy hitch a ride...until, "CHOMP!" How many times did crabs have to experience an unexpected neutering at the hands...or mouth as it is in this case...of a seemingly harmless critter for them to learn not to trust the barnacle? From the word on the street, some crabs still trust and those unfortunate crustaceans now sing soprano.

Why in the world would anyone trust science...just in the last couple hundred years we have been absolutely positive about so many things that only later are proven to be absurd. We have "Known" all kinds of things. For example, Aristotle knew the Earth was the epicenter of the Universe, Ptolemy went on in the 2nd Century to improve on the Aristotelian Model by including the perfectly circular orbits the Sun and all FIVE planets took as they revolved around the Earth. Then this Polish Priest we know simply as Copernicus comes along in the 1500's and knows that Sun is the center of the Universe rather than the Earth. One hundred years later these two nerds decided to publically discuss some of Copernicus' ideas and somehow figured out that we could all rest assured in knowing that planets didn't revolve around the Sun in a circular silly...they really revolve around the Sun in a more elliptical pattern. Duh!

By the way, Copernicus didn't talk about his theories because he knew that he would labeled a "heretic" and the church would do to him what barnacles do to crabs...and no one wins in that case...well, maybe the barnacles win a little.

Speaking of seems that we have "known" all kinds of things spiritually as well. How many movements, revivals and rewrites have we had? I would argue we have had enough to muddy the waters for the rest of time and in effect it is now nearly impossible to even know the right questions to ask, much less the right answers to the right questions. To many, the fact that I might assume a "right" question could be asked is indicative of my opinions about faith. To further think a "right" answer could be given to any question among the world of ambiguity and experiential faith is as crazy as a crab inviting a bunch of barnacles over for dinner.

I may have found one thing to say, "Peace. Be Still" to my raging waves of thoughts, opinions and questions. 1 John 2:27.
"As for you, the anointing you received from him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you. But as his anointing teaches you about all things and as that anointing is real, not counterfeit—just as it has taught you, remain in him."

As my mind has searched and searched for solutions to my most problematic theological issues God has once again used His Word to resolve not issues or the questions...but the anxiety over having something unresolved. I still don't have theodicy figured out. Eschatological manifestations still give me some trouble. Soteriological processes are confusing at best. I don't even know for certain that the planets move in elliptical orbit since I have never seen it happen. Finally, I don't have a clue why barnacles eat the testes off of crabs.

What I do know is Christ and Him Crucified. I also so that anything God wants me to "KNOW" will be taught to me or given to me by the very Spirit of God...and that's enough for now. Maybe the eunuch crabs walking around on the beach can take some solace in that as well....but I don't "know" if they will or not.

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