Thursday, June 26, 2008

Racism...Regardless of Skin Color

Not all of my opinions are popular. In fact, some of my opinions flop like a joke I emailed my friend Howard. My attempt to provide some comic relief for him while in Kuwait went over like a pregnant pole vaulter. Some of my least politically correct opinions are in the area of race. I have really tried to stay away from some topics but with the current political pseudo-options we are facing and with the proverbial "race card" being played within said political BS, I figure now is a good time to say a few words.

The joke I sent Howard was about Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. I think these two guys in and of themselves are gigantic jokes...except their level of racism and elitism is no laughing matter. I have heard before that minorities can't be racist but that is one of the more absurd statements in the entire English language. Chris Rock, one of the funniest comedians I have seen in the past 10 years, makes this point for me in one of his acts. He asks the crowd, "Who is more people or white people?" He then answers his own question...and by the way, Chris Rock is black. "Black people are more racist because black people hate black people too". The crowd, which is largely black, laughs and the camera even scans the crowd as black people are laughing and nodding as if to say, "that's true Chris".

So imagine this, as a white guy I drive to a poor, black, neighborhood and stand in the street or in a some public forum and proclaim to the black people the following:
"Look, let's be honest with one another. You are for the most part stupid, uneducated and incapable of doing anything for yourself to better your situation. If you were like me, you would be smart, capable and educated but you aren't and that really sucks for you. But never fear, I have decided in the midst of my most benevolent soul to bless you and your poor, inept community with my talents. Since you aren't smart enough or articulate enough to speak for yourself...because you are black and we know black people just don't speak very well...I will go to Washington and talk to the other smart people for you. When I can get some publicity I will show up to lead a march, say a speech or do a TV interview...for you. I owe you nothing but for my kindness and for lending to you my time and talents I am going to need all of you to write a check or better yet, since we know blacks don't do well in the area of finances, just give me cash. I know you are on welfare and I flew in on my private plane but I still need your money if you want me to talk for you. I know you don't have a car and I just pulled up in my limo but pay that no mind. I know you have nothing and I have everything but who else can I live off of in some crazy parasitic relationship that you will not only allow...but welcome and even applaud."

I doubt that I would get through my little speech before being beaten, shot or stabbed...and rightfully so. Yet the "Reverends" Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton show up and say essentially the same things but they are applauded as heroes. It is racism in it most despicable form. As black men they should know better yet they continue to insure that future generations of poor, uneducated, black people remain poor and largely uneducated. May God have mercy on these racist men and the people they continue to royally screw.

OK, enough for now. I actually have a job and I actually have to do things because of said employment. Have a fun Thursday.


The Grizzles said...

First of all, too true! Second of all...where do you find time to write such thought provoking blogs with a full time job, a wife and 3 little boys? Did you really post this at 4:11 AM???

Blake said...

My alarm clock goes off no later than 4am every day...unfortunately, the time I logged in and started the post this morning was 4:11am.
I love blogging because it gives me a forum through which I can communicate everything running around in my head all the time. How scary is that?