Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Converted This Morning...Again!

I was watching a video recently on If one of the videos some conservative guy that had the appearance of a man more likely to sale you a vacuum cleaner than try to trap some "Emergent Scholar" (Tony Jones) in a line of questioning asks Tony..."When were you born again?" Tony's reply was brilliant..."this morning". Tony went on to explain something I feel is universal in those who follow Jesus. The choice of who will rule my life is a daily choice at least...perhaps hourly and sometimes for me it is a minute by minute decision. With each fork in the road my day presents I am confronted with the decision to "convert" or "be born again". If I have learned anything in my time walking with God, it is that my faithfulness in surrender today does nothing to imply or facilitate submission tomorrow.

That line of thought lead me back to something I had been wrestling with in advance let me tell you that I don't question my salvation, I am not using the phrase "born again" or the word "convert" to imply any aspect of soteriological with that said, I have been wrestling with the whole idea of converting as being an ongoing process. I am thinking of it as an ongoing sense of becoming. Thinking of submission, surrender and even conversion as an ongoing, daily process opens things up for some crazy cool possibilities and some chances to consider faith in some new ways. It is exciting...what say you?


Brook said...

I too was born again just this morning. I love the way you question all the questions my cutie hubby.

Gia said...

It's nice to see that people are still reborn. Congrats! Keep it up, remember there is going to be tough times and ups and downs, but don't let them get you under!

Keep it up!