Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tribes, Politics and Liquid Feces

Today I am posting an email I sent out to my "church" in reply to one sweet female who said she is voting for Obama and then provided the link for an article that presents the Republican Party as mean, hateful, racist and corrupt...as though they have a monopoly on that. Maybe it will speak to some of you. Enjoy

I didn't gasp at the thought of you voting for Obama as you imagined some of us would...but I do think I squirted a little liquid feces into my boxer briefs. :)

I have heard others mention how tired they are of mean, cruel, racist, and whatever else political campaigns. I have also heard about the corruption run amuck in the republican run white house and congress. I hate...and I can't state it strongly enough....HATE the corruption in politics. I HATE the cruel, mean-spirited, selfish, racist aspects of life in general...politics notwithstanding.
I say all of that to bring up something I learned when I was living in Africa. The government in charge of Tanzania when I was there was corrupt...and I don't mean just a little bit. I asked some of the people why they didn't vote for a change and elect the competing tribe. Their answer was that they already did that. The two primary tribes involved in government in Tanzania had alternated control every few terms because the people had become tired of the BS...maybe this time it was that they had had enough of the Sukuma Tribe and the specific ways in which they were corrupt...though several years before they had been begging for reform and begging for the Sukuma Tribe to "Be the Change We Need". The truth was and is that the Tanzanian government was going to be corrupt regardless of who was in charge because both groups were wrong about so much. The tribes not in control were going to get the shaft repeatedly because their opponents were in charge.

I say all of that to draw the similarities between the Tanzanian system of government and our own. The Republican Tribe has been in control of the Executive Branch for 8 years...and SURPRISE SURPRISE, the people of that tribe have received special favors and have benefited. On the flip side of the past 8 years were 8 years of the Democratic Tribe being in power of the Executive Branch. Again, guess who got the favors, the benefits and even "special cigars"? Those within that tribe...well, Monica got the cigar but that's another story.
Of interest, the Democratic Tribe has been in charge of the Legislative Branch of Government for the past two years and guess what kind of laws they have passed or have attempted to pass...ones that benefit their tribe.

As I contemplate what will happen one week from today I am sure of several things...to say that I will vote for one party because the other party uses fear to motivate is myopic at best. To say that I will vote for one tribe over another because one tribe is corrupt and one isn't would be less than accurate. To say that we should support one tribe over another because Jesus would support one platform over another is absurd. Jesus can't be bought with campaign money and repeatedly said that his Kingdom isn't of this world...in effect, bypassing his chance to tattoo a donkey or elephant on his legacy. To say that I will vote for one tribe over another because one tribe will wage war is to be a poor historian. I personally packed my gear under Bill Clinton to wage war in countries that we had as much reason to be there as we do Iraq and Afghanistan...let's not forget Sudan's Aspirin Factories, The Chinese Embassy Bombing, the USS Cole, The first World Trade Center Attack, Bosnian Conflict, etc. Both Tribes wage war and both tribes manipulate wars for the good of their tribe...I have been there, done that and still have some of my "battle-rattle" to prove it. Just ask Jeff...I'm a nut job in a crowed bar to this day :)

So anyway, let's all go out and vote...or not. Vote for McCain or vote for Obama. Let's discuss in love whatever issues we want but I personally think each side should come down off our thrones long enough to objectively observe that each candidate will do the exact same thing if elected....support the agenda of their tribe while trying to limit or even destroy the agenda of the opposing tribe. You support in this election doesn't make you a christian, atheist or even moralist...it makes you an official part of a particular tribe.

We are collectively about to get exactly what we ask for...I seriously question if any of us will like what we get? It reminds me of when the people of God demanded a king. God gave them the desires of their hearts...and allowed them to soak in the pool of liquid feces they squirted in their Hebrew boxer briefs...and with that, it appears that I have come full circle so I must say, "Amen"

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