Monday, October 27, 2008

Who Farts During a Prayer?

I love football...I love Alabama football and I love taking road trips for Alabama football. This past weekend my buddy Jeff and I traveled to Knoxville for the UT-Bama game. I could probably write for a few weeks on my observations and experiences there but today I have to write about what happened just prior to kickoff.

UT still has a prayer before their games...which I think is really cool. The prayer was only a few seconds old and was going strong when a smell began to drift through the crowd. It was obvious that the hot dogs, beer and whiskey shots during pregame parties just weren't agreeing with someone. The gentleman (and I use that label with gracious abundance and liberal doses of social blindness) sitting in front of us took particular offense to the smell and to the thought that someone would drop trowel at such a special moment. His frustration bubbled over and while the prayer continued he comments loudly "WHO F'ING FARTS DURING THE PRAYER?!?!"

I couldn't help laughing at the whole situation...and in fact, I will almost wet my pants just thinking about it right now. Why in the world was it and is it so funny? I really don't know but I think it has something to do with standards, expectations and reactions.

To the guy sitting in front of us it seemed much less appropriate for someone to fart during a prayer than to drop the "F" Bomb. Others may suggest that cursing during a prayer is worse than farting and still others may suggest that both are in poor form.

The guy in front of me never asked my opinion so I didn't offer it. Since he was looking around for the perpetrator I did have proclaim my innocence by acting equally disgusted by the scent. The person who farted didn't ask my opinion either so I didn't say anything to them...which I couldn't anyway since I don't know who it was.

But I have some opinions...want to hear them? Good...
My opinion is that the person who farted probably feels OK about what they did. The guy who cursed the foul odor and the one who did it probably also feels justified. They simply have different expectations and different standards. As funny as the whole situation is, I simply think it is interesting and it makes me wonder what areas exist in my world that I consider completely normal and other may take great exception with? Are there areas in your world that cause some to cringe but don't bother you at all? I'm sure so.

Maybe part of Paul's encouragement to us in Philippians 2 has to do with considering it their farts or their language. And in case Jeff is wondering...I swear it wasn't me.

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