Monday, February 2, 2009

My Prayer For Today

Father, you are my shepherd! Because of your great mercies and abundant kindness, I don't lack anything.
My rest is from you as you have bedded me down in the softest meadows. You have covered me with a blanket of the warmest clouds and have given me the stars of the universe as my celestial nightlights.
My daily provisions are from your hand alone. You find me quiet pools from which to drink. Because of your faithfulness, you let me catch my breath beneath the shade of your wings and once refreshed, you send me in the right directions.
Even when the way you direct me leads me through Death Valley, when I want to be afraid and anxiousness comes natural to me…I'm not afraid. I don’t have to ever be afraid because you walk at my side. Your strong hands and boundless love bids me to feel secure.
You serve me the best food, my favorite dish in fact, right in front of my enemies. Through this you teach me from whom my power emanates and in whom I find my deliverance.
You revive my drooping head and remove all guilt and shame from my world. Oh God, my cup brims with blessing and droplets of your greatness spill over the lips of my being…proclaiming to the world that you are the Great Shepherd.
Your beauty and love chase after me every day of my life. May I slow down daily and allow myself to be found by you and to be redeemed by your love. At the end of my days may you find me and keep me. Then all will know that I'm safely back home in the house of my Shepherd forever and ever and ever.

Lord, make it so. Amen

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