Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where is Robin Williams?

I am enjoying Obama's Presidency...in a weird sort of way. Other than Obama and Congress trying literally screw us for generations yet to be born with this spending bill and other than thinking that one of the first acts of his presidency needed to be the funding of abortions in other countries and other than...you get the idea...

I know the media and Obama supporters will be as hesitant to admit that Obama is flawed as I was to admit the same about Bush but I must continue on the "call a spade, a spade" thought...

In an interview George W. Bush said "I'm the decider". Apparently George was caught up in the moment and failed to realize that "decider" is not a word. Let W. make up a word or say something stupid, redundant or otherwise funny and the Hollywood-types and other media people went nuts. A few days after Bush said "Decider", Robin Williams appeared on a late night show, Letterman or Leno or something, and was wearing a t-shirt that said, "I'm the decider". It was funny and people got a laugh.

If Williams is going to be consistent and fair...which I doubt as that would mean he isn't biased at all...he will now have 2 new t-shirts made. One would simply have about a thousands "uh, uh, um, uh" lines on it. I am as sick of hearing Obama say "uh" and "um" as I was of hearing Bush laugh at his own statements. Both behaviors get under my skin. The second shirt would have the following on "The NUMBERS don't reveal NUMERICAL STATISTICS". He said it and I heard it.

So is Bush and idiot and now Obama has already started doing the same thing? I don't think so. I think it was in the interest of the "left" to portray Bush as a moron. The fact that you won't hear the media discuss Obama's equally moronic statement is because it is in their interest to make Obama look good. The problem with this is that a certain journalistic integrity is expected and we should all understand by now that "journalism" and "integrity" have little in common these days. If you don't believe that, I suggest that you hold your breath until you hear the media laugh about Obama sounding like an idiot. God luck with that.


TnknOutLoud said...

You know I am always good for a comment (and many times TOO eager to oblige). Nevertheless, I enjoy this banter and hope that you do as well.

Nancy your-favorite-gal-this-side-of-your-wife Pellosi something tonight that sums up a lot. She pointed out that there are not simply political differences between the repubs and dems, but major philosophical divides on how we approach issues. Repubs look @ things very different than do dems, and conservatives view things different from progressives. Now, before you exercise your satirical wit and say, "Ya think?", let me explain where I am going with this.

You said, "I know the media and Obama supporters will be as hesitant to admit that Obama is flawed as I was to admit the same about Bush..." This alone is a major philosophical difference. I and many other progressives are not afraid to admit Obama's shortcomings. I am pleased with his first days in the White House, but I agree with some of his critics that he is biting off more than he can chew. He may have made a mistake in getting such heavy hitters and strong personalities in his cabinet due to their tendency to want to lead and let the others follow.

Obama is so comfortable in front of an audience that he will go toe to toe with folks without que cards and there will be more breaks in his deliverance. His delivery isn't the problem his issue is-- can he deliver? Only time (and thousands of commentators) will tell. Have I convinced you that I do see the crack in the man's facade? Here's the rub. Many times conservatives WILL NOT admit ANY wrong doings, or flaws in their politicians. I think it is a philosophical difference where they feel to do so is to be disloyal (but I could be wrong here). That used to get under my skin immensely when they would not admit any of Bush's faults. Lastly, I'll quote yet another one of your heros, Al Frankin. He explained that conservatives love their president like children love their parent. There is adoration and awe with a tendency not to see any of their parent's flaws. Progressives love their president the way a parent loves a child, seeing all the flaws, but loving and accepting anyway.

So, its a free country and you can criticize your president to your heart's content, but to compare Obama's strength (public speaking) to Bush's weakness (public speaking) and alluding that they are on equal footing there, makes me question your hearing (and you know I can recongnize deafness).
Keep the faith,

BTW Robin Williams may not have said anything, but Jon Stewart last night had a clip of several seconds with Obama saying nothing but, "um", "uh" shrugging his shoulders and the like, so there is some comedic jabs @ Obama.

Blake said...

I do love this banter...it can only make us better. Or at least it will keep us entertained.

I think political differences are rooted in philosophical differences. Otherwise the words and promises on both sides are only political rhetoric. While some of that exists, at the end of the day I don't think everyone in Washington D.C. is full of just rhetoric.

With that said, I must say that while your analogy about parents loving kids and kids loving parents sounds good, it is inaccurate and skewed. I think a better analogy might be loyalty to sports teams. Like how Yankee fans hate the Red Sox. Boston fans say that it is wrong for New York to simply go out and buy the best players so they can win...until they do the same. Auburn fans think Alabama shouldn't recruit high school seniors using negative tactics...until it benefits them to do so.
The idea that democrats/progressives are looking at Obama like he is a child that will make mistakes but they love him anyway is not at all what I am seeing. I see a blind faith, unquestioned allegiance and a cult like following. That is really, really disturbing to me. That type of following could lead to a war gone horribly wrong or prisoners being held unethically in foreign bases or...well, you get the idea. The blind allegiance I once had regarding Bush is exactly what I see now from the Obama fans.

The other side of that coin is true as well. The disdain I saw from the media toward Bush is now present in the conservative crowds...just like it was regarding Clinton.

At the end of the day, every president has done some horribly stupid things and some decent and wise things. Bush was no different and Obama will not be different. The purpose of my blog post though was to point out how the media jumped on everything Bush said incorrectly and they have not and likely will not do that with Obama. Why? Because Obama plays for their team and they are loyal to their team...just like the rest of us.

Keep the comments flowing.