Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gas, Taxes and Depression

I keep hearing on the news and from various talk shows about how the "Oil Companies" are making too much money while the public suffers. Congress even had the nerve to call the executives of the largest oil companies to Washington D.C. and ask them why gas prices were so high. Apparently the CEO's were much nicer than I would have been after reviewing the facts about who is making money off of gas prices. The CEO's would have been well within their rights to make sure the American Public knows that they are being raped by Washington like the rest of it. They know what we all know...with the Gov't you may win a battle but you will eventually lose the war.

The truth about the $3.41 per gallon I paid this week is as follows:
If the oil companies agreed to not making a profit my 3.41 per gallon would drop to $3.06...a "gigantic" savings of 35 cents.
However, if the government would agree to not charging taxes my $3.41 per gallon gas would drop to $2.06. $1.35 per gallon reduction would mean I could put $31.05 in my pocket with each fillup. Thank you Uncle Sam!!!

So who is robbing us...the big bad oil companies that God-forbid stay in business by making a profit? Or maybe we need to consider that the U.S. Gov't continues to rape us daily.

Lastly, today April 23rd, is Tax Freedom Day...From Jan 1st until today we have all been working to pay taxes. Thank you again Uncle Sam. In 1900 the Tax Freedom Day was January 22 because the Government somehow scraped by only requiring the average citizen to pay 5.9% of their income in taxes...compared to the 30.8% they require today.

How depressing!

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