Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lead Me to Rest, Dear Lord

Each though that floods my mind makes the purpose of my creation cloudy. Each circumstance appears to stand on it's own rather than fitting into a broader picture or a bigger reality. Each action of mine seems at times to stand alone rather than revealing the very things my heart, mind and spirit lack. When fear, regret, guilt, shame and hesitation fill me it isn't of you...but all of these things are about a much deeper need and a much more severe thirst.

Life isn't about doing great things. It isn't about riches and it sure isn't about fame. When I think my efforts and my desires are for anything other than You, I am lying to myself. You have what I need and no one, nothing, no place and no time does. In you and you alone are my needs met, my fears relieved, my guilt salved and my hesitation replaced with boldness and tenacity.

It is all about rest. Life is a struggle and even the best jobs, families, neighborhoods and friendships can bring stress and distraction...but not your rest dear God. Your rest never bleeds us dry, robs our joy or steals our is just all about You, me and rest.

David wanted to rest in the shadow beneath your wings. Moses longed for a land of rest that flowed with milk and honey. You initiated rest and even partook yourself yet I often forget that I should take a "sabbath" and just enjoy you. Your rest can be found as the brilliant oranges and blues and pinks explode from the horizon to signal a new day. Your rest can be found on the brow of a mountain top when the silence is only pierced with the whistle of a brisk evening wind. Your rest floods the silence anticipation of my life...when that exists.

Allow me to cease the opportunities you afford me to rest in you...the real intent and motivation behind every breath I take.

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