Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Right Answers to the Wrong Questions?

I am increasingly convinced that my answers are fine...and if I am allowed to say so, very well thought out. So what's the problem?

I am afraid that I have been asking the wrong questions and in so doing, my good, right, proper and accepted answers have become increasingly irrelevant.
Do you believe in God? How do you answer that? If you believe in God, which one? Oh, the Judeo-Christian God? Great....I mean, the Catholic God? the Protestant God? Should it be broken down further? Sure...let's go...Do you believe in the God of Calvinism?If so it is only because He predestined you to do so. What about the God of Arminius? The God of Pelagian? Augustine? Luther? Smith? Wesley? Campbell/Stone? Wow, that all gets sticky and probably not at all needed.

Maybe the question should change and maybe the way in which I answer should change...maybe the question is a private one and the answer should be given in the way in which I love and serve others. So what question am I asking now? I can't tell you! It's private but with any luck, you may see it in my actions.

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D said...

Like this thought a lot. Such propositional faith really doesn't mean anything, except that we know how to hit the Pavlovic bell when asked certain inquiries. Wanna really throw someone for a loop, answer a different way just to throw them.