Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Truth Becomes Relative When We Push Agendas

I have enjoyed watching a certain sector of our political and media groups change their opinions quickly and drastically. The flip-flop of the week happens to be over Sara Palin. The more liberal types, specifically the women liberation folks, have long said that the more conservative groups were too dominated by males and the lone way a woman could get ahead or get into the White House was to support a Democratic Agenda and Democratic Candidates. That was one of the things that Obama has said needs to "change". And behold...a woman has broken through the "glass ceiling" on the Republican side and is she celebrated? Is she a hero to women everywhere? Hell No!

So far, Palin has been portrayed as an irresponsible mother since she has 5 children and isn't at home to raise them. She has been compared to something on par with white-trash because her 17 year-old daughter is pregnant and not married. I vividly remember the media portraying certain evangelical folks as mean and closed minded when they suggested the same about famous girls in Hollywood in similar circumstances. Palin's youngest child has Downs she applauded for her willingness to love and give birth to a child that will be a challenge to her and her family? Nope! Bringing life into this world has been called a mistake. Why? Why? Why?

Where is the National Organization for Women? They should demand that their feminist supporters support this woman for VP. Where is the ACLU...demanding DNA tests from Palin to disprove the rumor about her daughter being the biological mother of her youngest child being made of anyone else would be met with mass hysteria. Has anyone asked for a DNA sample from Obama...I mean, what if one of his daughters is really the result of his wife having a little sexual action on the side? Has anyone asked McCain, Obama or Biden how they have been able or if they will be able to be good fathers and be an elected official? It only makes sense that if Palin can't be a good mother and the VP, neither can Biden be a decent husband, father or grandfather.

I love the idea of Palin being the VP candidate. Not just because of anything she stands for or because she seems to be a pretty tough lady...but because she has helped shed some light on some groups who have been able to operate under the radar and under false pretense. Just like Obama being the democratic nominee makes the need for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to go through the country crying (and taking up donations) about inequality obsolete, Palin makes the women's rights groups less important, especially if she ends up being the VP. The "Reverend" Jesse Jackson said that he wants to cut the "nuts" off Obama...I suppose the liberal women want to lob off Palin's breast? Who knows...

And, since I am fair and balanced...why not point a finger at the more conservative groups too? I am sick and damn tired of hearing about the christian conservatives and the issue of abortion, same-sex marriage and the separation of church and state. If I can shed a little of my opinionated light on these topics for a bit you may see why I say that.

For 6 straight years we had as leadership in this country:

George Bush-a conservative, christian, republican

Congress controlled in both the House and Senate by conservative, christian, republicans

and arguably a 5-4 majority in the U.S. Supreme Court of conservative, christian, republicans.

List for me the efforts made or even discussed on the abortion issue....I'm waiting....nothing? Well "nothing" actually is the correct answer. The men and women, elected largely by christian conservatives to combat the "evils of liberalism" such as abortion and same-sex marriage did not once vote to outlaw abortion or otherwise overturn Roe v. Wade.

Well at least they outlawed gay marriage right? ....that utter silence is only broken by the proverbial chirping crickets....because we all know that these conservative christian men and women didn't have the first election regarding the "sanctity of marriage".

Well, at least we can now have the absurd notion of separation of church and state tossed aside, right? Nope...sorry, these people, again, conservative...well, you know, didn't once vote on the first aspect of this issue what did these christians in "leadership" do while in control for 6 years? In fairness they did vote to begin a war in Afghanistan and Iraq...I think they voted themselves a pay raise...and um, they...well, they had to have, ummm, uh. OK, much more of that and I will be reading like Obama without a tele-prompter.

Unfortunately, it seems that agendas abound on both sides of the political aisles. We can try to push these agendas through the fear of taxes, fear of losing social security or fear of something the end of the day it is difficult to see any aspects of God abounding on either side. In American politics everyone has a price, and please note that I said everyone...for some it is comfort, power and name recognition. For others I suppose it is 30 pieces of silver...but it is still a price and it is still compromise for the sake of control...not really a Godly proposition.

Speaking of "Godly Agendas" and people using the name of God to invoke emotion, reaction and zeal...a friend of mine reminded me today of this quote...can you guess who said it?

"Everyone in the country needs to turn to the one true God and ask for forgiveness, and submit to His law. We all need to turn back to our roots and pursue God and His righteousness.
We must immediately pull all US forces out of Iraq and the Middle East in general.
The government must not allow this fall into moral decay. It must forbid evil with the hand, tongue and heart. The Scripture is holy and must be in a place of honor in government.
The US is currently so immoral and debaucherous, wrapped up in material greed and sexual sin, that God will bring judgment upon it. Who can forget President Clinton's immoral acts committed in the Oval Office? After that, the US did not even bring him to account, other than that he 'made a mistake', after which everything passed with no punishment."

That's too easy, right? James Dobson? Jerry Falwell? What about Max Lucado? Billy Graham?

No's kind of a trick question because though it sounds very christian and very conservative, the lone aspect of "liberal" politics could give it away as neither "christian" nor "conservative"...the one who spoke the above is none other than the most wanted man in the world....Osama Bin Laden.

and in the words of Paul Harvey....Good Day!

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