Thursday, September 25, 2008


"Where there is no vision, the people perish"
Proverbs 29
If you have watched the news in the past few days you have seen what many call a pending financial crash forming. The "mortgage crisis", "financial perfect storm", "2nd great depression" it what you will, but it isn't good and is was completely avoidable. Had the people who were SUPPOSE to be leading and serving the people of this country removed their heads from their asses or the asses of those who supported them financially we wouldn't be facing close to 1 TRILLION DOLLAR bailout...or the best example of a goat roping that has ever occurred.
I have traditionally supported republicans so let me trash them first. The accounting measure that is on the books that is causing all of this crap is contained within legislation of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. The legislation was born out of the rubble and over-reaction of the Enron debacle. It was designed to protect investors...which is you and me...from large companies cooking the books and having companies fleece the public---we all know that fleecing people is the government's job and they want exclusive rights to that. Who signed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act into law? George Bush. Who controlled congress when this act passed? Republicans. What's wrong with this Act specifically regarding our current crisis? It was reactionary, not visionary. It went too far to correct a problem that wasn't the primary problem with companies submitting fraudulent financial reports and in so doing, it has prohibited the sales of poor mortgages at a decreased rate and requires the companies to list the value of them at $0...which is moronic. Good job republicans!
And now for them democrats...good gracious. Inflated home prices were necessary for the democrats to claim that the economy was so great and wonderful when Bill "have sex with anything that has a pulse" Clinton left office. However, the inflated home prices were screwing the entitlement people that continue to elect democrats. So what did they demand of Freddie and Fannie? Give a loan to anyone. If they can't afford it...well don't worry about that little detail. If so many sub-prime loans will be offered that the poor people or poor planners or greedy people will be in ruins within years...well, pay that no mind because we are the government and we will burn that bridge when we come to it. And I suppose that kind of horrible vision is all fun and games until someone gets the very people you were trying to keep happy...on both ends. What's worse than someone not being able to afford a house? Someone being lied to by government mandate and told, "You can afford it" which only leads to not being able to afford the house and being in the midst of foreclosure. Good job Dems!
And so the idiots on the right are now in meetings with the morons on the left and what is the leading thought among the galactically insane? Let's use the very people and the very systems that caused this financial hurricane to fix it. It would be like putting a child molester in charge of babysitting and carpool. Have they proven to be incompetent? Yes. Have they proven to be criminals? Yes. Have they proven to be leaders? No. So let's put them in charge of the clean up much more must we see to declare with our voice and our votes that the current systems...ON BOTH SIDES OF TE AISLE suck beyond belief and exist to pamper themselves and their wealthy contributors on the backs of our tax dollars? I hope not too much more.
And speaking of a voting voice...where has B. Hussein Obama been on this issue? He hasn't been in the Senate to actually do his job in over 3 months. What about J. "I was a POW" McCain? The same. Where is the outrage? They have not denied their paychecks. They have been getting paid for months without ever showing up to work...which actually gives me an idea. How much better off would we be to give Congress a severance package to just abandon their positions, not run for re-election and not screw anything up further...I would actually support pissing away that amount of money.
In my opinion, the number 1 requirement for leadership is to have know the potential risks and rewards found within the steps you are taking and even in the ones you are about to take. The second requirement for leadership is the willingness and ability to endure pain and to ask the same of others. This means sometimes correcting poor leadership, like we currently need to do as a country, requires pain. We as a country enjoyed the surging stock market and the ability to borrow more money than we could actually afford. Now we have to pay up.
I would love to see us pay up with something other than the cost of an all-out, no holds barred, political revolution. Who's with me? Perhaps the people of God can climb out of the asses of the republicans and democrats...realizing that the answers for our times and all times have never been found in the kingdoms of this world. Participating further in these systems only perpetuates the farce. Participating further in these systems under the auspices that one side of the aisle is more closely associated with God or Jesus is blasphemy of the worst kind. Maybe while we are revolting against the intellectually and morally retarded politicians we can round up James Dobson and Chuck Colson, then tie them together with Tony Jones and Rob Bell and horse-whip them for aligning themselves and their respective religious followers with political parties. How many times must we scream the words of Christ, "MY KINGDOM IS NOT OF THIS WORLD"


thepriesthood said...

Blake's role as Simon the Zealot in the Vacation Bible School skit some 28 years ago was prophetic indeed.

we need to enjoy some La Flor soon.

thepriesthood said...

by the way, have you seen this:

all these conspiracies, it's madness i tell you...

Blake said...

I am now less intelligent for having read a rant from Michael Moore. I hope I can remember where I live and the names of those with whom I live...good gracious!

Tyler: Friends don't let friends read Moore :)

Blake said...

and I didn't play the role of Simon...I played the role of prophet. Aren't you surprised? ;)

La Flor for sure...I am way overdue for one and with enjoying one with you. How does this week look for you?

thepriesthood said...

yeah, the Moore thing was pretty bad. shouldn't have wasted ur time with it.

ah, should have known you played the role of a prophet. so would you say that was a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Thursday or Friday is looking pretty good for me.

Blake said...

I didn't get bogged down with the details of which prophet...I just made sure I was a major one. God knew I didn't want to be a minor prophet.