Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Community is the Best!!!

The past two nights have been really cool...and have given me some insight to the idea of community and "church".

Monday was Memorial Day and that night we ate dinner, let the kids play and had great conversation with some great friends. In the past we have attended a church with these people and though we no longer see them on Sunday mornings, it is a huge blessing to be with them and continue friendships based on genuine love, respect and concern.

Tuesday night we met with the Emergent Cohort group. Spending time with friends and family and discussing varying topics helps relationships develop and builds community. Our actions and our communities the past two nights haven't included us "going to church". I feel strongly though that we have been functioning as church.

We haven't praised God in song...but we have certainly praised God with how we love one another. We haven't had a period of prayer...but I feel certain that God has heard our conversations and has responded to every word. None of us have preached or endured a sermon...instead we have been living, breathing sermons as we have cared for our children, listened to others with genuine concern and simply spent time together as family should.

I love the fact that God has given us communities in which to live and grow.

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