Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mother's Day

I know typically Mother's Day is a day when women are honored for their goodness, kindness, sacrifices and love. The tendency seems to be to honor all women for all things, but today I feel like really writing about my wife. I can say a million things about her in general...but what about her as a mother to our 3 boys?

Brook has a strength and endurance any Kenyan marathon runner would envy. When sleep has been little and work has been plentiful she keeps going...well, that actually isn't enough of the truth. She keeps going with grace and that grace makes all the difference in the world. Even during the most difficult days she pauses to kiss a scraped knee or put a Band-Aid on a "wound" that isn't even bleeding. When she faces the choice of self or the boys (or me for that matter) she chooses to be self-sacrificial and daily shines the very light of Jesus into our home and into the lives of the boys. She is up early 7 days a week preparing herself through journaling and reading for the day that is ahead of her. She plans events for the boys that will be very difficult for her and her only compensation are happy boys, smiles, hugs and kisses...and with her gentle and transformed heart, that is enough for her.

I wonder if she even realizes what she is doing and what she has created in the long term? I wonder how often she pauses, or is even able to pause, to think about the character, integrity and Godliness she is displaying and instilling in our sons? Does God ever allow her a glimpse of the well adjusted husbands and fathers that lead their families and others in a way that honors God and her? I pray that she knows that her daily tasks, though they seem mundane and void of lasting value, impact me, her sons and their future generations. Brook radiates too brightly, influences so positively and loves too exhaustively to not impact, influence and forever change everyone she touches. Our sons are forever blessed and much better than they otherwise would be because God saw fit to place them in the love and care of their Mom. That single fact alone has made and will continue to make all the difference in the world...literally.

My quandary isn't how wonderful Brook is or how great she is as a mother. My greatest difficulty is deciding what to get her for Mother's Day. I have no clue what to get her and I now only have 4 days to figure it out. If she were average, usual or typical my decision would be so much easier. But she isn't average in any way. She doesn't know the definition of the word, "usual" and "typical" has never accurately described Brook. Regardless of what I get her I am sure of one thing...it will in no way appropriately reflect her worth, her radiance or the love felt for her by the 4 boys she blesses every day. Knowing Brook though, she will smile and be gracious no matter how short my efforts fall. That's just another reason why I fall in love with her all over again each day.

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