Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Elijah's First Day

Over 6 years ago I knew that today would come. When my wife was pregnant with our oldest son I tried to think about the different scenarios that would exist over the years. Today is one of the days I imagined...it's one of the days that has received a good bit of attention in my prayer life. Today Elijah went to his first day of "Big Boy School". He has done the preschool thing and the mothers day out thing before that...but this is different. He will begin a new chapter in his life today and with his new chapter comes a new chapter for our family.

It is exciting and it is rewarding to see his level of interest in learning, his discipline and his innocence. This morning he looked like such a big boy in his school uniform and backpack. Today promised to be emotional for my wife but it has also been emotional for me. The emotions for me are more along the lines of excitement and pride rather than sadness at this rite of passage.

I think my excitement is fed in a large part by Elijah's school. His school has been beyond impressive to us. From the head of the school to the teacher's aide..."impressive" is really an understatement. We first met the head of the school and we shared about an hour long conversation...a deep and refreshing conversation about the philosophy of education, the classical model of education and Biblical worldview in the shadows of post-modernity and Platonism. This guy is exactly who I want in charge of the school where my kids are educated. On to the principal...his principal knew his name yesterday when we went to the school to meet his teacher...she met him only once and that was months ago when he went to test during the application process. For what it is worth, she also knew our names. Have you ever met someone and thought that their enthusiasm was at a level that couldn't be genuine...but somehow you know it is actually authentic? Well, Elijah's principal is that woman. Elijah's teacher is kind, intelligent and a true educator (as opposed to someone who simply holds the title of "teacher"). I may have been most excited when she discussed with us her awareness that boys and girls learn differently...not because one is better than the other or because one is flawed but because God created males and females in unique ways, with unique gifts. In previous years I had some serious reservations about the quality of education being received and the level of giftedness found in Elijah's teachers...I left Elijah's school yesterday without the slightest question of what Elijah will be receiving in the area of instruction and nurturing. I am confident that Elijah is attending the exact school God has in mind for him and I have no doubt that he will flourish there.

Is it possible that the thing I once dreaded more than anything else will become something completely wonderful and exciting for my sons? How cool would that be?!?! God is in the business of miracles so anything is possible .

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Anonymous said...

knowing your thoughts on church, i figured you guys were into homeschooling. j/k

what is the school? sounds great.