Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Family Picture Day Redeemed

I normally hate family picture day. I hate that some person we don't know sits in some studio and creates artificial scenes behind us to pretend that we aren't in an artificial studio. Then the expectation is to try and dress in ways we normally don't and make the boys behave in a way that allows someone to take the artificial pictures....ugh and sigh!
Leave it to my cool wife Brook to remedy all of that drab crap and make our family picture day one that was pretty cool. So how did she do that? I'm glad you asked:
1. The photographer wasn't some middle-aged technician with a rather large rear end, thick glasses and a salesman attitude. The photographer is Jessi. Jessi is talented, fun and best of all, she has known Brook for years...they even cheered together in high school...and has known my family since our inception. No drab technician here...Jessi rocks!!!so if you want to contact Jessi so she can "pimp" you family photo day and make it cool, you can. Her myspace page is

2. Brook is a lot of things...artificial isn't one of them. What you see is what you get and that's how we did pictures...We wore clothes we actually wear in real life. We went to an old church near our house so the settings are authentic and Jessi took pictures of us doing things that we do in a normal day anyway...very few posed pics.

Here are some samples of the bounty we are enjoying from an authentic family picture day.

My family...the reason life seems worth living.

My boys, from left to right, Judah, Elijah and Zion

Those crazy boys are actually all being held by me. I am holding Zion in my arms and Elijah and Judah are both perched on a shoulder..."Daddy is not a mule". But I love it and I wouldn't trade a minute with these amazing boys.

This is my HOTTIE wife!Thanks Jessi...I bet there is more of my wine in your future for doing such an awesome job!

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